Dr. Nona Owens - Psychologist
An inexpensive group in the Jackson, Mississippi area to help those living with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict
Do you feel like you are living your life on a roller coaster?
Did you grow up in a home with a parent or parents who put their alcohol or drug use before you?  Do you choose partners just like your parents?  Or, do you have problems with trust and commitment?
Is the one you love abusing alcohol or drugs? Do you dread being in  your own home?  Are you afraid?
Unfortunately, many live with worry or fear daily due to the behavior of those they love who continue to abuse alcohol or drugs.  THERE COMES A TIME WHEN IT IS IMPORTANT TO SEEK HELP FOR YOU.
In my years of doing group therapy with family members of alcoholics and drug addicts, I have found that not only does the family learn a healthier way of living, but many times the substance abuser also decides to seek help.  For those familiar with the term
"enabler", I have included an article I wrote that was published:
My practice provides group support for those currently living in a home with alcoholics and/or drug addicts, as well as those who grew up in this type home. 
I offer a weekly, safe, inexpensive group to help you learn new ways of living.
$20.00 per group session
If you would like to learn more about these groups, or other services I provide, please contact me.  I answer my own phone, and I will be happy to talk with you and answer your questions.
Dr. Nona Owens
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