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What to expect in therapyWhy do people seek therapy?
Usually the choice to seek therapy is due to an individual or someone close to them sensing something is just not right.  Feelings of sadness, anxiety, and anger are often what brings someone to seek help.  In the case of a child, a teacher or school counselor may ask the parent to seek assistance.

Why can't I fix my problems myself?
Everyone goes through periods in their life when they encounter situations or challenges that could be made easier with help.  A therapist has special skills to help you come to terms with what is going on in your life.  You can expect to get support from me to help you develop tools you need for problem solving and personal growth.
What can I expect on the first visit?
The first visit is an opportunity for you to get to know me as a therapist as well for me to learn about what brought you to seek help.  During the interview, I will ask about your past and current history as well as what issues you have which are causing you to feel as you do.  Sometimes, people do not feel comfortable sharing some information.  That is OK.  Each person works in therapy at their own pace.  I strive to offer support and hope for your future.  We will work together to set goals.  You can be assured that I will respect your confidence unless you are a danger to yourself or others.
What if the appointment is for a child or teenager?
Minor children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.  I encourage both parents to come for the first visit, if possible.  The interview starts with the child/teen and parent.  It is during this time that the person to be seen will learn that they can share their problems with me without my "tattling" to the parents.  While I encourage the youth to express their feelings and talk about what is on their mind with their parents/guardian, I do maintain their confidence, with the exception of when they may be a danger to themselves or others.  I do interview the parents separate from the youth, and I also see the child/teen without the parent present during the first session.
What type approach do you take to therapy?
Just as each person's problems are unique to them, the type therapy to work with them is also.  After an assessment is made through interview and testing (if needed), a treatment plan will be developed based on your problems and goals for change.  I talk more about this on the pages related to adult, child, and family therapy.
How long does therapy last?
After the initial interview, weekly sessions are usually set up which lasts approximately 60 minutes.  It is important that you come at the time set for your appointment so that we can have adequate time for you, as there may be someone scheduled for the next hour.  This is your time, set aside just for you.  The nature of your problems will determine how long you are in therapy.  On average, ten to twelve sessions help most of those I work with.
What if I need medication?
Therapy combined with medication may be beneficial to you.  I believe that medication without dealing with the cause is like putting a band aid on a wound without applying medication.  If you have a primary care physician or nurse practioner that you see on a regular basis, I will be happy to work with them in helping them learn of your symptoms so that they can prescribe.  If you need a referral to a psychiatrist, I will gladly help you with a referral.
How do I pay for therapy?
If you plan to use INSURANCE, it is helpful for you to check with your insurance carrier to see what mental health benefits you have.  I currently work "Out of Network" for most insurance carriers so you need to discuss this option with your insurance company.  You should also check what deductible you have, as well as what percentage you will be responsible for paying out of pocket.
I do accept BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD.  I will be happy to check your BCBS benefits to see what services are allowed.  
If you have questions about payment, please feel free to discuss this with me when you call.
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