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Lessons For the Enabler: A Psychologist Speaks
Medication Or Therapy When Seeking Mental Health Care
After The Holidays And The Drama: Surviving Family Visits
Surviving The Holidays In A Dysfunctional Family
Seeking Therapy: A Psychologist Speaks


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Lessons For the Enabler: A Psychologist Speaks



For me, as a psychologist, I often gather lessons in strange situations and circumstances.  Some of this often applies to the work I do. 

Each flight starts with the stewardess giving instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.  One point that is always made is what steps should be take in case the oxygen mask needs to be engaged.  Without fail, the instructions always say that the mask should always be placed on you before taking care of someone who might need help with theirs.

Medication Or Therapy When Seeking Mental Health Care


Often, when one thinks of going to see someone for anxiety, depression, or other mental health needs, they are undecided about whether to go for medication or therapy.  In some cases, the answer might be that both is right for them.

In my practice as a psychologist, I have a few people at any one time who do rely on medication and therapy.  For others, only therapy serves to help them on their way to recovery.  The distress one is dealing with often helps in making the decision on which way to go.

After The Holidays And The Drama: Surviving Family Visits

One thing that I have learned as a psychologist is that in the days following a holiday there will be some who come into session feeling the effects of drama that was played out during family visits.  Old feelings come to the surface, and new problems arise from what is currently going on with those involved.  

Feelings are hurt, anger is rampant, and the progress that was made before starting therapy may not be as evident.  The important thing is to have a place to process feelings that may have come out.

Surviving The Holidays In A Dysfunctional Family


For many, the holidays brings a variety of emotions, ranging from joy to anger and fear.  In my work as a psychologist, I am already having some talk of the negative part of the season.  

Visits with family is a tradition for many this time of year.  Meals are prepared, relatives from out of town gather to share old memories and events from their current life.  But, for many, it also opens old wounds, starts new conflict, and causes many to regress in the progress they might have made.

Seeking Therapy: A Psychologist Speaks

A Psychologist Speaks

When someone comes into a therapist office for counseling there are many reasons.  Recently, I have had seen several people who made the appointment for individual therapy because of someone else.  

Stress is often caused by those around us.  Sometimes there are direct causes of this that we are responsible for, and that we need to make changes.  It is the mentally stable person who can look at their actions and move forward.  Stress will usually decrease as this is done.

Involved With A Borderline: Now What?


If you find yourself searching online for a  psychologist or counselor who treats people involved with those who have Borderline Personality Disorder, you are probably like many who have found them self in a similar position.  Whether you are the partner, parent, or child of someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder, you may find yourself online, searching.  That search often starts with trying to find ways to "fix" your Borderline, still trying to take care of them, when, in fact, it is often YOU who should seek therapy.

Negative Messages


Their Role In Anxiety

Anxiety is something that each of us experience, some at normal levels, and some at harmful levels.  There are times we can identify the cause, but many times, there are causes that may arise due to many factors, or negative messages. 

Sometimes, it is as simple as being anxious over a grade or whether a certain someone will ask for a date.  We may call that "worry". Those can be transient, and the emotions that go along with it are not long lasting.

All Lives Matter: And You Do Too


And You Do Too

Recently, there has been a lot on social media about "All Lives Matter" vs. "Black Lives Matter".  Whether you adhere to one or the other of this idea, there is another that is central to you.  Yes, your life matters too.

Too many times, the importance of one's own life is not considered important to them.  There are those who give far beyond what is needed in their attempt to take care of others who "take and take" without giving in return.

CODEPENDENCY: How Much Will You Give?



When it comes to love, there are those who will give up their life when there is danger to another.  Unfortunately, many who are involved in a codependent relationship will go to that extreme in their perception of their need to take care of, or save someone.  

In my work as a psychologist, I meet people who come in so damaged due to their codependency.  Often, their anxiety is so high over their need to "fix" someone, or they are in the depth of depression when they can not solve the problems of another.

Finding Happiness


What makes you happy?  For some, that is a hard question to answer.  It seems that finding happiness is a never ending search.  As a psychologist who works with people who are dealing with sadness and despair, it is important to help them reflect on the lack of happiness in their life.

While many have dealt with pain and emotional suffering for years, there are others who define being unhappy because of things not going right in their life at this time.  It can be a break-up with a boyfriend, or because they didn't get the new cell phone they were expecting.