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Overcoming Childhood Damages


How many of you have heard someone say "That was the way I was raised"?  There is a lot of meaning in that one expression. For some, it is good, but for others that expression hold a lot of pain and unhealthy behaviors.

Childhood is the basics of our learning about life.  The experiences during that time go a long way in imprinting how we go  forward with life.  That is, unless there is a committed effort to break that cycle of unhealthy living.



A Therapist Thoughts 

Have you ever looked as someone and thought "Door Mat"?  We have probably all encountered that person who becomes a door mat to others.  They give up their own identity and feelings for others.

Unfortunately, there are people who are afraid that their boundaries will upset others.  They may fear being alone, or that someone they love will leave them.  They are willing to accept a style of life that is not healthy for them to keep this from happening.

Could ADHD Be Causing You Relationship Problems?


As a practicing psychologist I see people who are dealing with relationship problems as well as those who have symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  Sometimes, it is the same person.  I have also seen amazing changes in relationship issues when medication is prescribed for the ADHD.

First, I would like to say that I am not a big supporter of medication; however, there are some instances where it is necessary.  When a person's daily life is having significant problems with irritability, impulsivity, focus, and concentration, medication may be helpful.

Does Your Family Make You Sick?


Does anger, sadness, or anxiety rule your life on a daily basis?
It could be due to experiences you have had growing up, or because you are still living in a home with others who are making you physically and emotionally sick.  Not only could these problems cause you undue stress, but your spouse and children can also be experiencing problems because of what is going on in the home.

Let's face it, those we love have a lot of influence on our life.  The way one is raised often dictates how we lead our own life.

Could Your Relationship Be Making You Sick?



Do you stuffer from headaches, stomach issues, or even difficulty sleeping, yet have no medical basis for the issues?
The problem could be who you associate with.  Yes, some relationships do make us both physically and emotionally sick.  You might enjoy reading more about toxic relationships in this blog I worte that was published on Yahoo.


Before You Say "I Can't"


Dancing With The Stars Amy Purdy should be an inspiration to anyone who dares to try when the going gets rough.  While life gives us all challenges, Amy has met with more than many, and she has met them head on.

At the age of nineteen Amy developed serious health issues and was given a 2% chance of survival.  She lost both her legs at that time.  But, that hasn't stopped her.

Amy is currently a contender on Dancing With The Stars.  She uses prosthetic legs to gracefully glide across the floor, garnering high scores and praise from the judges.

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic Personality Disorder
Do you know any attention seekers who also wants to be the center of attention? Then, you might be dealing with someone with histrionic personality disorder. I'll give you a few more symptoms, and if the person you know has at least five of them, they would meet the diagnosis. Now, don't be an armchair psychologist, as this is just for fun and not meant for you to hang out your shingle and go to treating them.

Those who are histrionic are often referred to as a "drama queen" because of the emotionalality and attention seeking.

The Damage Of Secrets

The Damage of Secrets
Through the years, working as a psychologist,  I've seen a number of people who grew up in homes where there were a lot of secrets.  I don't think parents set out to cause the damage they do with keeping secrets and avoiding truths, but the long range problems it occurs can be serious.
When people don't talk and avoid what is going on around them, then emotions are not allowed to develop as they should.  Typically, a child might think that they have done wrong if they tell.

Understanding Anger

Anger is a strange thing.  It is an easy emotion to show, and often a difficult one to control.  Anger often is a symptom of something else.  It can go hand in hand with depression.  Yes, people who are depressed often show a good bit of anger.  They can express anger when they can't deal with the sadness that is going on within.
When I worked as a psychologist at our state training school I often dealt with angry boys.  Underneath they were hurt, damaged kids who were often striking out at the world when what they needed was love, understanding, and someone to validate them as a human being.

Pickles And Alcoholics

You Might Be Surprised At How They Are Alike
While I work as a licensed psychologist, I enjoy some of my "play time" writing.  I interact with other writers online, and I write posts for my blog here on my website. 
Yesterday, I decided to begin a series of educational articles on one of the online websites I write for, Bubblews.  The series is to educate others on the dangers of problem drinking, or alcoholism.  To kick off this series, I started it with a story about what alcoholics and pickles have in common.