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The Other Side of Therapy: Things You Might Not Know

Things You Might Not Know
A licensed mental health therapist or counselor may have one or more titles. They may be a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, or a nurse practitioner with a specialty in mental health care. The ways therapy is conducted overlaps among the profession, yet differs in others.  
Psychiatrist and nurse practitioners are the only ones who can prescribe medication, except in a few states where psychologist with additional training can also prescribe certain drugs for mental health care.

Anger Management in Relationships

Is Your Relationship Making You Angry?
As a therapist in the Jackson, Mississippi area who treats those dealing with anger issues I get, from time to time, those who seek help for anger problems because it is causing problems within their relationship with their significant other.  Seeking therapy can prove to be a positive step in healing a wounded relationship, and often leads to marriage or couples counseling with the two.

Asperger Kids

Often Misunderstood and Undeserved
One of the most challenging, yet rewarding groups I have found to work with is Asperger kids and their parents. Often, when they find their way to my office, they have suffered through years of searching for answers. It is not uncommon to have a history of school expulsions or suspensions, as well as a list of professionals they have consulted.
When the new DSM-5, the diagnostic manual that mental health professionals use, is put into use later in 2013, this term will no longer be recognized, yet there will still be a group of kids out there with a unique set of symptoms.

Tools To Improve A Relationship

Methods That Work
My work as a psychologist in the Jackson, Mississippi area often involves working with couples who have relationship issues.  Some call for marriage counseling, and others call because they are struggling with the relationship without making the commitment to marriage.  Many times, the issues are the same. 
Often, as I start a session, I ask how the time has been since the last visit.

The Blame Game: Coming To Terms With Blame or Blaming

Blame is something we are all familiar with, whether we are on the receiving end or the one blaming others.  Many relations are strained or end due toblame. Sometimes, it is because one or the other refuses to see that there are two sides to any event.
As a child, I was challenged by my father to find something that had one side.  I was promised a dollar if I found that one-sided something.  And, since that was in an era when a dollar went a long way for a child, I kept looking for that elusive item/event to earn that dollar.

Shame Based Living

The Dangers of Growing Up With Shame
Shame on you!  How many of your reading this have heard this message played over and over while growing up?  In my practice as a psychologist in the Jackson, Mississippi area, I often conduct therapy with those who grew up in a home where they were made to feel ashamed of their behavior.  Or, even worse, to feel that they could do nothing right.  Parents who provide a shame based upbringing for their children don't realize the harm they are doing to their child on into adulthood as they try to have a normal relationship with others, or even when they work to develop a stable career.


                         FIVE TYPES OF ABUSE
There are many forms of abuse in unhealthy relationships. As a psychologist and couples therapist in the Jackson, Mississippi area, I deal with the damage these forms of abuse do to people. Long after the abuse, the pain goes on through the damage to the human psyche. Here are the five types of abuse I often deal with in my office.

Judging Ourself

Don't Let It Be Another Method of Self-Harm
As a practicing psychologist in the Clinton and Jackson, Mississippi Metropolitan area, I often see people who come in with a list of all the negative things they see in themselves. They focus on how they feel they aren't good enough, or how they think others perceive them as not worthy of a relationship with them.  Their self-confidence is so poor that it interferes with their friendships and their professional goals.

Stuffing Feelings Causes Unhealthy Behavior

    Living LIfe in a Jack-In-The-Box
Recently, in working with people in various types of crisis, I've come to realize that the way many live their life is akin to living inside a Jack-In-The-Box. 
It is human nature to avoid pain.  Life on life's terms can bring pain into our life.  Whether it is through growing up in a home rife with abuse, abandonment, substance abuse, or toxic parents, emotional pain comes with the territory.

Help For Parents In The Homework Battle

Back to school is not only stressful for many children, but parents alike when homework is a problem.  In many homes, homework becomes a battle of wills between parents and children.  Others, while working together, still find it a challenge that brings tears, tempers, and harsh words into the home.  As a psychologist in the Jackson, Metro area, as well as a parent of three grown children, I am familiar with the trials and tribulations homework can bring.