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Living In Today Can Bring Happiness

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are three times in our life--the past, the present, and the future. 
How many of us let things or events from our past stay in our life to bring sadness or prevent our emotional growth?  Feelings of sadness or anger over what someone may have said or done can cause us to become stuck.  Holding a grudge, or holding onto anger can bring stress into ones life.  We can be so focused on these feelings that we don't allow new feelings in. 
Relationships gone sour can hang on like a heavy weight on ones shoulders.  There comes a time to let go.  Until we can come to terms with this, we cannot open our heart and mind to
what may be a better relationship in the futher.
On the other end is our future.  Thoughts or statements such as "I'm going to stop next week" or "It's will be my New Year's Resolution" are only two of many statements we have all said or heard others say about future plans.  
 It is human nature to remember our past and to have plans for our future.  But, what about today?  Many people who experience problems with sadness or excessive anxiety have problems living in today.  They may be stuck in the past or focus only on the future.
Today is just as important as our memories from the past and our plans for the future.  To live in today can bring us happiness if we also focus on what we have in the here and now. 
I recommending counting your blessings each day.  Make a list of what you have accomplished, and who you have interacted with that brought something positive into your life today.
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