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Walking the Beaten Path

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When striking out on a walk in the forest, it is human nature to seek out a path for our travels.  We often find the beaten path the easiest way to go.  But, there are instances where the path takes us in the wrong direction.  We backtrack and take a different direction if we end up in the wrong place
Have you ever thought about the emotional paths we travel in our life?  What happens when the  beaten path we take leads to pain and unhappiness?  Do we backtrack and do something different?  Not always.  This is because physical travel is different from emotional travels of our life.
There is a saying that people often become like a parent or marry one like them.  Why is this?  Because it is a familiar path that has been traveled.  It feels safe because it is the direction we know.  It is the beaten path of our life. This can be rewarding if ones childhood was warm and loving with stable parents. Unfortunately, in cases where there was  physical abuse, or a parent with a history of substance abuse, one may meet with emotional heartache. In order to avoid this path, one must learn from their history that there is a different direction to take on the path of life. 
How many times have you heard of someone who leaves one abusive relationship only to get into another?  That emotional path is hard to leave.  It is familiar, and many do not know of another path that feels safe to them.
When one encounters problems on a walk, they get a map or ask for directions to find their way.  The same method helps those who keep walking the same wrong emotional path of life.
Years of living in a bad situation can bring on insecurities and doubt about how to choose another path.  Some don't know there is another path available to them that can bring the happiness and secure life they deserve. 
Help from a qualified mental health therapist is a positive way to learn new directions on that path of life.  If you, or someone you know, keeps taking the same beaten path to pain and unhappiness, then consider seeking help from someone who can help map out a new direction in life.

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