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Are You In A Relationship With Someone Who Is Passive-Aggressive?

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Relationships where one partner shows passive-aggressive behaviors can be very hard on the one who has to deal with this behavior.  Typically, there is a problem with understanding where you stand in the relationship.  You may question your own sanity at times due to the way a passive-aggressive person acts toward you.
Smiling while stabbing you in the back is a good way to describe what some encounter while in this type relationship.  Those who have passive-aggressive tendencies are often hiding feelings of anger and resentment.  Rather than talk through their feelings, they may show subtitle retaliation when upset.
If you often feel frustrated by the behavior of your partner due to his/her reluctance to show up on time or finish a project, it may be due to their passive-aggressive nature.  If they don't agree with you, or don't want to do what you ask, they may put off doing it, do it the wrong way, or not do it at all.
Make your partner mad?  Rather than talking about why they are upset in order to work toward a solution, their reaction might be to sulk.  They might spend more time watching TV, surfing the Internet, or spend more time with their friends rather than spend time with you.
Do you meet with unusual anger and resentment when you offer a suggestion?  Not a problem for the normal relationship, but when one is dealing with passive-aggression, they meet with resistance because of a problem with allowing others a position of authority. 
Are you often blamed for something you feel is not your fault? Or do you constantly hear how this person or that has wronged your loved one?  Resenting and blaming others are also characteristic of the passive-aggressive. 
Many who are in relationships with a passive-aggressive partner often seek to end the relationship due to the anger and resentment that may occur.  There is hope for these relationships, but only when both are committed to making change.  Sometime, the relationship has to "hit bottom" before this can occur.  Change is not an easy path, but has a much better chance when the couple works with a professional. 
What if the passive-aggressive partner won't agree to go for therapy?  That shouldn't stop you from seeking help.  Living in this type relationship can cause doubt and confusion about one's own role.  Therapy can help define what is real and what is unreal in such a situation.
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