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Understanding Anger

Anger is a strange thing.  It is an easy emotion to show, and often a difficult one to control.  Anger often is a symptom of something else.  It can go hand in hand with depression.  Yes, people who are depressed often show a good bit of anger.  They can express anger when they can't deal with the sadness that is going on within.
When I worked as a psychologist at our state training school I often dealt with angry boys.  Underneath they were hurt, damaged kids who were often striking out at the world when what they needed was love, understanding, and someone to validate them as a human being. 
Have you ever seen the picture of the dog being hit who is striking out by attempting to bite?  Well, that is what sadness does to some.
I went through a period of my life many years ago when I was very angry.  I was warned it was going to happen, and I ignored it in my period of grief.  This warning came from a very kind nurse who was trying to comfort me soon after the death of my first child.  Being psychologist, I knew this intellectually, but as a grieving mom I was angry, and I wasn't good about it either.
Being human, we have only so much capacity to hold in our feelings.  It is similar to stuffing like the old prank toy of stuffing the fake worms in until the top finally pops off.  Anger, though not the desired emotion is easier.  It doesn't hurt as much as sadness.  Or, rather it often doesn't hurt us as much, but might hurt those around use more.  Anger can destroy relationships and cause all kinds of damage to a person.  It is important to get to the root of the anger and learn to deal with the real feelings behind it.
If you or someone you love is struggling with anger that they cannot control, professional help through a trained therapist or psychologist might be the answer.  If I can be of assistance to you, please give me a call.
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