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Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic Personality Disorder
Do you know any attention seekers who also wants to be the center of attention? Then, you might be dealing with someone with histrionic personality disorder. I'll give you a few more symptoms, and if the person you know has at least five of them, they would meet the diagnosis. Now, don't be an armchair psychologist, as this is just for fun and not meant for you to hang out your shingle and go to treating them.

Those who are histrionic are often referred to as a "drama queen" because of the emotionalality and attention seeking. They may actually feel uncomfortable if they are not the center of attention, so do what they can to win this role.

Male and female, this may be the one one who comes across as a flirt. They may show sexually seductive or provocative behavior.

Emotions are rapid shifting and shallow. There doesn't seem to be much feeling behind them.

What you see on the outside through dress and appearance is often not what you get on the inside, yet appearance is primary to them.

The speech pattern of the histrionic may show a style that is excessively dramatic, yet lacking in detail

Exaggeration, self-dramatization, and theatrical behavior is evident.

They can be easily influenced by others

If involved with them, they may think the relationship is more serious than it really is.

Though not listed in the group of symptoms, histroinic individuals may come into therapy due to anxiety or depression that they are experinceing secondary to their personality problems.

Information for this article is taken from my training and work of almost 40 years as a licensed psychologist. It is not meant to be more than educational.

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