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Overcoming Childhood Damages


How many of you have heard someone say "That was the way I was raised"?  There is a lot of meaning in that one expression. For some, it is good, but for others that expression hold a lot of pain and unhealthy behaviors.

Childhood is the basics of our learning about life.  The experiences during that time go a long way in imprinting how we go  forward with life.  That is, unless there is a committed effort to break that cycle of unhealthy living.  

There are some people who make a commitment from an early age that things will be different for them when they are out of the unhealthy home.  They may make a decision to not drink, drug, fight, or be abusive to their mate or children, yet  the emotions that come along with that lifestyle are hard to shake.  The hurt is still there.  Others, unfortunately, act out in the same way that their parents did.

Like a splinter in the finger that continues to fester, the hurt just doesn't go away until the splinter is removed.  And, just as there is relief when the splinter is removed, so does healthy emotions come when learning to deal with the emotional pain from an unhealthy childhood.

If you are dealing with sadness or anger that may be the result of living in a unhealthy childhood, help is there for you.  Whether you are acting out some of the same behaviors you grew up with, or dealing with emotional damage as a result of it, you owe it to yourself and those you love to begin the change.

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