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Do You Feel Like Your Life Is Caught In A Hamster Wheel?



As a psychologist with a private practice in Clinton, Mississippi, I see people who come in with a variety of problems.  Some of the more common ones are anxiety, depression, or relationship problems.  For many, there seems to be a common theme with the way they handle what is going on in their life.

Have you ever watched a hamster play in one of those little toy wheels?  They run and they run, and the harder they run, the faster they go.  To just jump out at that point would hurt them.  As people relate what is going on with them, it is similar to that little hamster.  The more they try to deal with their issues, the more out of control they get.  And, some, unfortunately, get hurt badly if they don't slow that wheel down so they can get out safely.

It is at this point that many come in with feelings of hopelessness.  They need help to break the cycle of what is going on.  Whether this is due to trying to hang on to a bad relationship, or being unable to cope with other pressures in their life, the thoughts they are experiencing become more and more unhealthy.  

For those who have a tendency to be obsessive, this can only make matters worse.  Anxiety, and even depression increases as their thoughts run rampant.

The first thing I recommend is to do some "house cleaning".  Are there things that can be adjusted or removed from their life to make things better?  This may be making changes in their work, school, home life, or even relationships.  While some may voice that this is needed, they aren't ready to turn lose of those things that are keeping them spinning in that wheel.  

It is like the security blanket for a child--they hold on to what is familiar, although it is not giving them what they need.  For others, either their work or family composition might be holding them where they are.  This is where the word BOUNDARIES comes in.  Just because work or loved ones causes them problems doesn't mean they should stand there to accept the behavior they dole out.

There are some who may need medication to help with this.  I view medication as a band aid to stop the bleeding while the wound heals within.  A therapist can help one decide if this is the right step to take.  

If you are relating to the idea of being in that hamster wheel with your life, it might be time to seek help from a therapist.  

Counseling, at this point, can help you find what is needed within you and what is going on in your life.  It can help you make healthy decisions. 

Before that hamster can get out, changes will need to be made in order for it to safely get out of that racing wheel.

Dr. Nona Owens
580 Springridge Rd.
Suite 4-A
Clinton, Mississippi


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