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Rethinking Insecurity


As a practicing psychologist in Clinton, Mississippi, I often have people consult with me who are dealing with depression, as well as battling insecurities in their life.  They don't have a good view of what is going on with them, often seeing only the negative.  

Sitting back, looking into their life from a different perspective, I find a pattern.  Often, they are programmed to think this way by others.  Over-critical parents, or those with their own emotional issues can cause this type thinking.

In order to move past this way of thinking, it is important for the one I am working with to do several things.  

The first might be to come to terms with who is really responsible for this way of thinking.  Yes, there are those who have their own need to be critical.  Either through their own insecurities or negative feelings toward the other person, they only find things to be critical of.  

Can you imagine what it's like to never have anything positive said about or to you?  Coming to terms with having lived in this type situation can be enlightening, and a way to start breaking this negative thinking that one deals with.  

Many have told me that it is hard to move from hearing the negative messages played over and over in their head.  Others say it continues when they encounter the one who continues with this pattern.  While it might be a difficult task, it is important to learn to shut out these messages.  After all, it is not them with the problem, but the sickness within another who has caused this.  

Building confidence and a positive self-image can be done when one learns to focus on the good within.  A therapist can help guide self-acceptance and that positive outlook on life.  As this occurs, confidence is built from within.  

Dr. Nona Owens
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