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Anger Management: Overcoming Anger


As a practicing psychologist I get calls from people on a regular basis who are dealing with anger.  The calls ask for programs for anger management.  Many make the call because they are forced into therapy by the court or a family member. They often aren't looking at the danger of anger to them.  Yes, it can do harm to the mind and body.

When one is angry they are focusing on feelings toward another person or thing.  They are letting others control their emotions.  These thoughts can be all consuming, and hold them back from happiness.  Yes, anxiety and depression often go along with anger.  

Think of the last time you got angry.  How did you feel?  Was there a tenseness in your body?  Did your blood pressure rise?  How was you ability to focus on other things as you moved through the day?  Did you sleep well that night?

Anger is one of those things that keeps on giving.  The only thing is that what it has to give can be harmful.  Some just can't turn lose of those thoughts, and they can become obsessive.  Relationships and jobs are destroyed when one can't manage their anger.

In some, anger can arise at the drop of the hat.  It doesn't take much for some to lose their temper and start striking out.  The issue here is that once it is said or done, it can't be undone.  It is so important for those who have issues such as this to learn to focus on their emotions, to not be so impulsive or explosive when they encounter an upsetting situation.

Using mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy are good tools to help one prevent these outbursts.  Some need to learn alternate ways of dealing with their feelings.

Many carry anger around with them all the time so that it doesn't take much to set them off.  It is important to learn to release these feelings so that emotions can be dealt with normally.  In some cases, the anger might not even be toward the one who receives it.  Displaced anger needs to be identified before it can be managed.

If you, or someone you love, is being managed by the anger within, seek help to learn ways of dealing with it.

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