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The Importance Of Trust


When it comes to relationships, trust is a vital part of developing and maintaining one.  Whether this deals with a personal or professional relationship, trust is important.  

Children learn to trust when they are small.  They depend on their parents and other adults to be there for them.  Unfortunately, many also learn at an early age that trust can also be broken.  As one matures, the way they see the world and others helps build or destroy trust.

Once trust is broken, whether it be during childhood, or in a relationship later in life, it is hard to regain.  We hear people say that they will change, to "just trust".  Those who get a second change are lucky.  But, as trust is broken again and again, one becomes hardened to granting trust to others again.

In my practice as a psychologist, I have heard one asked another in session just how they can trust them ever again.  My answer to this is that it isn't something that will happen with just words. Trust must be earned, and to do this, it takes time.  History of being honest and dependable is what gains trust again.

The timeline for regaining trust is dependent on the level of pain that a violation brings.  It also is dependent on the emotional health of both of those involved.

Sometimes, people come into therapy, alone and broken due to the years of dealing with violation of trust.  In some, the damage was done in childhood, and they have never dealt with it so that trust can be granted again.  It is the brave person who takes the step to reach out again.  With help through therapy, it can be done.

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