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Finding Happiness


What makes you happy?  For some, that is a hard question to answer.  It seems that finding happiness is a never ending search.  As a psychologist who works with people who are dealing with sadness and despair, it is important to help them reflect on the lack of happiness in their life.

While many have dealt with pain and emotional suffering for years, there are others who define being unhappy because of things not going right in their life at this time.  It can be a break-up with a boyfriend, or because they didn't get the new cell phone they were expecting.

One of my daughters, who along with her husband, do volunteer work in Africa from time to time.  She writes a blog, www.lambfamilyadopts.com, which documents their experiences there.  For some she encounters, happiness can be defined as a piece of shared fish, a pair of new underwear, or even a new cooking pot to replace the one lost in a flood.  

Reflecting on her blog has a message about trying to find happiness.  For those who have so much, are we not taking the time to stop to be grateful for what we have? Do we not stop to be grateful for the little things in life?  

When working with people who are dealing with sadness and depression I strive to get them to take a daily inventory.  One of the things I ask them to check off is any little thing that made them smile, or gave them joy that day.  It is about the little things, not the earth shaking changes.  

Happiness for some is like trying to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, yet not stopping to pick up the few coins that were dropped in their path.  Perhaps happiness comes from learning to be grateful and to appreciate the little things in our life.  

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