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Negative Messages


Their Role In Anxiety

Anxiety is something that each of us experience, some at normal levels, and some at harmful levels.  There are times we can identify the cause, but many times, there are causes that may arise due to many factors, or negative messages. 

Sometimes, it is as simple as being anxious over a grade or whether a certain someone will ask for a date.  We may call that "worry". Those can be transient, and the emotions that go along with it are not long lasting.  For others, anxiety can be distressing, and can be long term.  

As a therapist, I have worked with many people who have anxiety. In each, there is often negative messages--some that are due to self-talk and others that come from a long history of the negativity that they experienced when growing up.  

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, often in combination with Exposure Therapy is the work done in therapy.  However, it is also necessary to investigate what lead to the emotions.

Sure, some cases grow out of fear, such as fear of dogs due to a dog bite, fear of heights due to a fall, or other factors within this frame. But, for others, no clear, single experience is associated with the anxiety.

Anxiety that is more general in nature is often the result of negative messages that have been received over a period of time.  It can be one negative message piled on another over years.

People who live with critical parents often experience anxiety.  The parent who always finds fault with the child, or who rarely finds the good in their actions can cause a pattern of anxiety that is hard to break without awareness and therapy.

For others, the negative messages can come from within when one meets with failure.  Children who suffer from learning problems or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), or those who lack talent for music or sports can experience this.  Through their failure and the negative self talk, an anxiety can develop over their own fears over their ability to succeed.

Regardless of the cause, anxiety is an extremely treatable condition.  And, regardless of what some might think, for many, it can be treated without long term use of medication.  Therapy is helpful in developing the tools to overcome anxiety.

The first step to help with anxiety is often with silencing the negative messages.


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