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Finding Happiness


What makes you happy?  For some, that is a hard question to answer.  It seems that finding happiness is a never ending search.  As a psychologist who works with people who are dealing with sadness and despair, it is important to help them reflect on the lack of happiness in their life.

While many have dealt with pain and emotional suffering for years, there are others who define being unhappy because of things not going right in their life at this time.  It can be a break-up with a boyfriend, or because they didn't get the new cell phone they were expecting.

Celebrity Lifestyle vs. The Common Man

              vs. THE COMMON MAN
         The Day Michael Jackson Died
Human nature has us interested in the way celebrities live their life.  The first pictures of a new baby born to a popular singer or movie star can bring millions when sold to People magazine. Weddings and scandals do too.

Look Beyond the Wrappings

Lanes Chapel United Methodist Church, Blessings, Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover,
I spent this past weekend with my daughter Laura, her husband, and three of my grandchildren in Tyler, Texas.  This is always a special time that I look forward to.  But, there is also something else that is special about these trips, and that is visiting in their church, Lanes Chapel United Methodist.  I didn't always feel that way, and I didn't go with them the first few years they were members there.