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Developing Healthy Emotions

Overcoming Childhood Damages


How many of you have heard someone say "That was the way I was raised"?  There is a lot of meaning in that one expression. For some, it is good, but for others that expression hold a lot of pain and unhealthy behaviors.

Childhood is the basics of our learning about life.  The experiences during that time go a long way in imprinting how we go  forward with life.  That is, unless there is a committed effort to break that cycle of unhealthy living.

Does Your Family Make You Sick?


Does anger, sadness, or anxiety rule your life on a daily basis?
It could be due to experiences you have had growing up, or because you are still living in a home with others who are making you physically and emotionally sick.  Not only could these problems cause you undue stress, but your spouse and children can also be experiencing problems because of what is going on in the home.

Let's face it, those we love have a lot of influence on our life.  The way one is raised often dictates how we lead our own life.

The Damage Of Secrets

The Damage of Secrets
Through the years, working as a psychologist,  I've seen a number of people who grew up in homes where there were a lot of secrets.  I don't think parents set out to cause the damage they do with keeping secrets and avoiding truths, but the long range problems it occurs can be serious.
When people don't talk and avoid what is going on around them, then emotions are not allowed to develop as they should.  Typically, a child might think that they have done wrong if they tell.